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PIP Support

A woman hugging a disable child

Sadly, we understand all too well how hard it can be to apply for PIP benefit. It's a time-consuming, daunting process that frequently ends in disappointment. Fortunately, we also know the satisfaction of receiving PIP benefit after a successful application process, which we have achieved for our family and for others like you in need.


Our specialist PIP support service has an extremely high success rate and is led by Jacquie, a Disability Consultant and Certified Autism Specialist with over 20 years' experience as a social rights advocate.

If you need one-to-one support to fill out your PIP application, help drafting an appeal submission, or if you need representation at PIP tribunal, get in touch here.

Client Feedback

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall


'I had been trying unsuccessfully to get PIP for my autism since 2016. After submitting essential information to the appeal panel, Jacqueline attended my PIP appeal tribunal hearing and advocated for me. Finally, after 5 years I have been awarded the standard daily living rate for PIP. It's great and I'm so pleased that DWP is finally acknowledging how my condition affects me. This is a huge victory for me and I could not have achieved

this without Jacqueline's help.'   

Happy Girl with Glasses


'I used a solicitor years ago to assist me with my PIP appeal. They were unable to get my PIP rate increased at tribunal. Then I used Jacqueline, who discussed with me how my disabilities affected me and how I felt I fitted the PIP descriptors. Following this, she requested my supporting documents, which she used to successfully obtain an enhanced rate of daily allowance and standard rate mobility. I never had these before! Jacqueline has a very dedicated approach and I would highly recommend the service,

above and beyond using a solicitor.'

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