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This alternative education provision will exist to provide an SEN option for fifteen mild-moderately disabled young people aged 11 - 19. The school will operate as an academy, which is state-funded by the Department of Education but independent of local authority control. This will allow the school to offer a specialised educational provision uniquely designed to meet the needs of its target pupils, and to fulfil its motto of being 'dedicated to education, inspiration and preparation.'

The school will be located in Ashlie House, which will be the name of the multipurpose centre part of the upcoming Ashlie Parkes Community Homes development. Enrolment will be open both to residents and the wider community. The school will operate Monday - Thursday from 10:00am - 3:00pm.


The school's intended approach is reflected in our logo. The house icon as the 'a' in academy indicates a warm invite for pupils and their families to feel at home. The academy will acknowledge that the wellbeing of pupils depends heavily on the wellness of parents/carers and the whole household. Therefore, in addition to its primary role as an educator to pupils, the school will provide resources and courses for parent/carers in various areas such as improved mental health and self-care, effective communication, managing difficult behaviour, supporting non-disabled siblings of disabled children, time-management, accessing various social care and community services, and more. 


The school will follow the National Curriculum including the core subjects of math, science, and English alongside required relationship education. In addition, the school will exercise autonomy by offering a range of courses, programmes, and qualifications made available by membership with ASDAN, an education charity and awarding organisation. 

The academy will be a non-denominational, non-selective Christian school open to children of faith and non-faith. Like all other state-funded schools, it will be required to teach religious education. At the academy, this will comprise a rich overview of world religions, Biblical studies, and applications of the Christian faith. 

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Inspiration refers to the academy's learning culture, which will be underpinned by three key aspects - the 3 B's:

  • Balance - The school will be holistic, inspiring pupils to achieve their best academically, practically, and socially.

  • Belief - The school will be underpinned with Christian values, inspiring pupils to cultivate love, charity, moral consciousness, and an intelligent, relevant application of Christian faith.

  • Benevolence - The school will promote social involvement, inspiring pupils to see themselves as important contributors to their local community and to wider society.


The school will prepare pupils to operate at their highest possible levels in post-academy life. Pupils will be supported to pursue their academic aspirations and to develop a range of life skills (i.e., self-care, travel independence, cooking, money management, employability, etc.). The aim will be to foster their independence as much as possible and to promote access to and involvement in society.

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If you are interested in becoming a pupil or wish to obtain information on behalf of someone, please complete the form below. Your name will be placed on our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with any key developments with the school.


In addition, we welcome contact from any qualified individual interested in working at the school as a teacher, support staff worker, administrator, or other relevant position. We also invite other stakeholders who wish to know more to contact us.

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