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Parkes Community Homes is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and soon-to-be registered charity. This company exists to facilitate a wide range of specialist property development activities. The overall aim is to provide multifunctional housing developments for disabled and other vulnerable individuals/families who wish to live within like-minded communities.  

New Houses

This project is under development by Michael and Jacqueline Parkes who are passionate disability advocates and activists in the areas of housing, equality, health and social care.  Their work is fuelled by lived experience and a desire to support families like theirs living with neurodiversity and complex disability. Above all, they recognise the urgent need for alternative and affordable housing and community facilities for those in greatest need.


ASHLIE Parkes Community Homes (APCH)

APCH is designed in response to widespread poor social housing conditions in which many disabled individuals and their families reside. These conditions range from inaccessible homes to life-impacting disrepair and life-threatening antisocial behaviour, including disability discrimination from landlords and residents.  The objective of APCH is to create a high quality co-housing development for completion in 2025 as a genuinely affordable alternative to social housing. The exact location is to be determined. The site will be holistic, respecting of the physical and personal needs of disabled people. The main aims of this housing provision will be - 

SOLIDARITY - a place where disabled individuals and their families thrive in community

SUCCESS - a place that provides education, life skills training, recreation, and holistic activities to promote personal attainment for disabled individuals

SAFETY - a place offering security for disabled residents and their families with protective protocols to actively prevent and take action against antisocial behaviour 

Two- and three-bedroom accessible family homes for the physically disabled

Single-sex supported living group accommodation for neurodivergent residents aged 19-35

Community garden and green spaces 

Multipurpose centre hosting an educational facility, in addition to recreation and personal development activities




If you are interested in becoming a resident or wish to obtain information on behalf of someone, please complete the form below. Your name will be placed on our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with any key developments with Scheme 1.


We also welcome contact from potential investors and other stakeholders who want to know more.

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