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Hello, and thank you for visiting my gallery (click HERE to go straight to images.) 


I am a conceptual artist using mainly the mediums of painting and drawing. I have a BA in Fine Arts but my education in the power of art began long before I studied it at uni. For this reason, I consider my creative ability to be God's gift to me rather than a cultivated craft. At the age of 41, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). The gift of art has saved me, proving vital to managing my condition and mental health: 'Every good gift comes down from heaven upon earth, not ascends from earth to heaven.'  Matthew 3:14

Fun fact - 'ramshackle pie' is a random anagram of my name; 'ramshackle' (i.e., a severe state of disrepair) is a perfect description of my past life. I changed the 'pie' to 'Pi' - the Greek symbol of the ratio of a perfect circle's circumference to its diameter. This infinite number is 3.14+ like the Bible verse above. Pi reminds me how God brings us full circle by creating meaning out of misery, bringing healing to situations seemingly beyond repair. Yes, I have a disability but in God's hands I am re-abled. My AS is a tool facilitating my artistic expression through darkness and illumination, from the chaotic to the intentional, illustrating the main themes throughout all of my work which are faith, neurodiversity, activism and hope. 

'Every good painter paints what he is.''

Jackson Pollock



'LANDMARKS' expresses themes of geography, the healthiness of the earth, ecosystems, biospheres and knowing oneself on the earth. Each painting represents a microclimate. To create this series I used iron filings, PVA glue, acrylic and oil paints, white spirit and a blowtorch.


'FLOOD' is inspired by Genesis, the first book of the Bible. This series reflects God's perspective looking down at the earth. The geometric shapes represent breakwaters in the sea which halt the natural flow of the waters. These breakwaters symbolise man's intrusion on nature. I created this series using oil paint and water (which indicate the contradiction between God and man) and masking tape.


'OVO' is about the beginning of life and explores themes of progress, the termination of life, and the life's reliance on the moon seen in various earthly phenomena. For this series, I used black gloss emulsion and various household paints, oil paint and a blowtorch.


'AFTERBIRTH OF A NATION' explores the themes of pollution, waste, toxins in the sea and green issues. In this series, I created the art with waste materials including various plastics, bits of thread, emulsion and PVA glue.