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STAY RESOLUTE! is an E-BOOK for anyone who wants to make 2019 a success! This book is an excellent resource for helping you to stay focused in the achievement of your goals.



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COPING WITH NEW DIAGNOSIS is an invaluable companion booklet for anyone who is newly diagnosed with an illness and/or disability, or caring for such an individual. A perfect balance of personal experience and resourceful information, it relates to and supports everyone facing this challenging situation. Its practical exercises also provide the reader with useful coping methods. This booklet is much-needed, offering guidance and answers which are not readily-available in the clinical environment. 


MUM Cover PIC 17.06.18.JPG

M.U.M - MULTITALENTED. UNSTOPPABLE. MAGNIFICENT. is a reminder to mothers of just how incredible and irreplaceable they are. Through bitesize exercises, it also offers mums the opportunity to examine their lives, reassess their goals and reconnect with their aspirations as they read. Both encouraging and practical, it is an excellent little read for all mothers.


LIFE NOT OVER Cover PIC 17.06.18.JPG

YOUR RELATIONSHIP MAY BE OVER... BUT YOUR LIFE ISN'T! is a companion for those experiencing a relationship breakup. As well as words of comfort and guidance, it provides useful exercises for self-examination, positive thinking and life improvement. This book encourages its readers to accept that sad endings can be turned into great beginnings.   


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